Cure HSA

There’s a new website dedicated to the cure of HSA, created in memory of a beautiful Australian shepherd taken by hemangiosarcoma.

…We started this in response to the sudden loss of our 6 year old Australian Shepherd, Bear. We are going to do everything we can to fight hemangiosarcoma, and this website is our first step. It’s young now, and needs a lot more information in order to become a true resource for pet owners, but in the upcoming days, we will be adding a bunch of important information about this disease, including:

  • + Which dogs (breed, age, and other factors) are most at risk
  • + Processes for diagnosis and treatment that pet owners should be aware of
  • + Current research initiatives, explained in layman terms, that are helping fight this disease
  • + What events we plan on organizing in the upcoming year to raise awareness
  • + Interviews with vets and researchers about this disease.

Find out more at Cure HSA

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