Missy MooThis is Missy, our beloved mutt. She’s been a part of our family since 2009, when we adopted her from a rescue group that brought her to New Hampshire from a kill shelter in West Virginia. She was about two at the time and we were her fifth (and final!) home.

We think she’s miniature poodle with some shih tzu and maybe something terrier-ish thrown in. She’s got that little stiff-legged poodle gait thing going on, you know? She’s about 15 pounds and very energetic. Her bark could wake the dead. She’s also my dog agility partner and steady companion.

Missy was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in April 2015 at age 7 1/2 after an x-ray of her spine happened to show a very enlarged spleen. Inside the spleen was a mass. The spleen came out the next day and the mass turned out to be hemangiosarcoma.

This is a record of her and our medical journey with hemangiosarcoma, written primarily as a reference for us. Maybe our journey can be useful to you, too.